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in response: an evening of music and dance

In Response is an evening of dance and music celebrating humanity, community, and the arts. We are excited to share an hour of developing works, song, and budding artistic relationships.


For the curiosity seekers, community builders, and ambitious explorers: we’ve created this evening working with empowerment and compassion in mind. This is an extension of an ongoing dialogue responding to opportunities for growth in formal power structures. We asked, ‘What makes a collaborative process fulfilling?’


This is the beginning of our answer. 



Alexandra Babiak (guitar, vocals)

Zachary Cardwell (dance artist)

Caryn Chappell (dance artist)

Noah Franche-Nolan (piano)

Safia Kazulin (dance artist)

Alison Keery (dance artist)

Bethany Litner (dance artist)

May 11, 2019

St John's West Toronto Anglican Church

Toronto, Canada 

Immense gratitude to Etobicoke School of the Arts and St John's West Toronto Anglican Church

Choreography by Zachary Cardwell

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