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Bodies in space
Bodies in contact

An artery for pleasure, dance, connection, and discovery of new sources.

Bodies in Space Bodies in Contact (BISBIC) was a lifeline from deep depression, loss, and numerous personal-life struggles. Emerging from peak depth in the fourth quarter of 2017, BISBIC was bred out of a need to engage, to connect, and to eat time out of long 24 hours that felt off kilter to any familiar cycle of day and night. Somehow, alchemically—and yet so naturally, these sources transformed to fulfillment from support, physical contact, emotional contact, sensitivity, intuition, curiosity, and eating time out of long, but regular days.

Bodies in Space Bodies in Contact

Led by Zachary Cardwell

Project promo, February 2017.

Dancers: Sarah Koekkoek, Bethany Pethick, Jake Ramos, Lauren Runions, Peggy Soria, Zachary Cardwell.

Videography: Andras Anderson

Video edit: Zachary Cardwell 

Music: ‘Ultimatum’ by Murcof

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